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Our mission is to help women in wellness build wildly successful businesses’, flick their switch and get lit. Proper lit. We want you to stop dimming your light to please others, or play your strengths down at the fear of failure and sabotaging your own success. Instead the #GETLIT community will help you build up your self worth, switch your mindset, ramp up your skillset and flick that switch to live a lit up life.

Whether you dream of turning a passion into a reality, want to find what your ‘thing is’, are just starting something new or scaling things to a new level we got you covered. Whether you are a health coach, personal trainer, studio owner, wellness practitioner or product owner, this is the place for you. Having built 3 successful businesses in the wellness industry, founder Becki Rabin knows exactly what it takes to take a vision and make it happen. She knows all the ups, downs, bumps, twists and turns you will face as well as how overwhelming it can all be when it comes to getting started, scaling, building a team and an authentic brand message.

We believe we are stronger together, in all areas of life, so here at GET.LIT HQ we aim to help you connect, build, expand, grow and scale your bizz to the next level.  Through our group membership programmes to our FREE live training calls, resources, downloads and group training - our collective clique will help you go big.

If you want to take things to the next level, meet people you can collaborate and learn all there is to know about your business then join the Clique today, we can’t wait to see you there.

Time to flick that switch, hun.

With Love

Get Lit HQ x




becki rabin


Armed with a degree in Advertising Marketing Communications as well as 7 years experience in publishing, advertising and marketing - Becki Is one of the wellness industry’s leading voices. Having practiced as a personal trainer and wellness coach for 4 years, Becki has firmly cemented herself as one of the industry’s elite.

In 2017 Becki launched Alternatively Healthy, the industry’s first natural health, healing + wellbeing magazine and community written by the industry’s leading experts, coaches and practitioners. Her vision is to help wellness experts share their messages by collectively coming together, as well as to give audiences content that is credible through events, #THEALTHEALTHYPODCAST and the online coaching marketplace.

Becki has worked with numerous brands, experts and wellness society’s to help them grow, connect and scale. She also works directly 1:1 with individuals and experts who want to grow their brand in the wellness industry.

Becki’s passion is to help champion experts scale their business, make impact and be seen as a credible voice.