The clique was created not only to help people grow their business, but to also bring the like-minded together. I want to help as many of you come together to collaborate and learn from one another. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely, it can be confusing and finding accessible training, resources and reviews is pretty tricky to track down. Not only inside the exclusive members group do we aim to help you with all of that, we want you to learn from one another too.

In the clique you will get to work with Becki closely as well as share your breakthroughs with other badass bizz babes.

Along with your collective groupies, each month you will receive;

  1. 1x Live coaching calls per month with Founder and CEO Becki Rabin

  2. Access to the the resource library ( a constantly updated vault of free worksheets, templates, how-to videos, downloads, book recommendations and so much more .

  3. Affirmations, books and cues that will help you expand your knowledge and extend your reach.

  4. Access to a community of like minded people that you can learn from, connect with and collaborate with

It is your no BS, high vibe space to switch on that light of yours and access new levels with your bizz


The collective is suitable for anyone with a personal brand, service or product in the wellness + lifestyle industry. That includes health + fitness, lifestyle + stress, beauty and fashion, medical and much more! Pilates instructor? Personal Trainer? Health Coach? Doctor? Then you are in the right place. We also welcome people who are just starting out in their new business venture. Our coaching and resources meet everyones needs so fear not if you aren’t set up and ready to go! We will help you get there so that you know all there is to know when you are up and running.


From inside our closed community we host Live training calls to downloads, resources, worksheets, and videos that cover everything and anything to do with building and scaling your bizz that fall under our 7ps for Success framework. From finding your USP, to understanding your audience, setting up your framework, designing your website, growing your community and mastering your mindset to achieve the most success in your bizz - we cover it all!