THE private COLLECTIVE FOR female entrepreneurs in the wellness industry…

Hello lovely, and welcome to #TheClique..

#TheClique is an exclusive membership coaching programme led by our founder, Becki, aimed to help business women in wellness grow, expand and connect. Through our live training calls, resources, downloads and group training sessions - our collective clique will help you stop dimming your light and help you turn a passion, dream or vision into a wildly successful business.


Whether you are still in a full-time job (that is dimming your light) and playing with the idea of starting your own business, you have an idea and have no idea how to turn it into your reality, you are newly qualified and want to meet people in the same place as you to collab with, or you’re already a business owner and are looking for more help and support to grow – we’ve got you. Not only do we have a ton of resources to help you make the progress you want no matter what stage you’re a, you can also learn from others, meet like-minded, understand how to grow and scale your business and surround yourselves with those who will lift you up. Not only will having genuine connections with people help you spread your message, increase your value and credibility it will also help you maximise your audience if you want it too.

We have helped 100s of wellness experts inside from practitioners, coaches, trainers, hypnotherapists, specialists, studio owners and so much more to step into their power and build a business they are proud of.


This community is aimed at all women in the wellness wanting to scale their business. Whether you are starting new, scaling up, or want to make some changes to your business, the clique will help you know all there is to know about your business. From goal setting and vision planning, to getting clear about you audience and your clients, right through to building a website, your sales pitch, training your mindset, increasing your revenue, growing your mailing list, understanding your social media, scaling your audience and SO much more - there isn’t much we will miss.

“When you shine a light of awareness on underpinnings, they disappear. Then you are free to soar, explore and rest at home in the no-limits zone of your ultimate success”.